Leading House cooperates for the second time with KOF/ETHZ on “Summer Institute for International Educational Reform Leaders”

From June 22nd to July 1th, policy leaders from India, Mexico, Nepal, Singapur and the U.S. participated in the second Summer Institute for Educational Reform Leaders, a joint initiative of the UZH “Leading House on Economics of Education” and the ETHZ “Center on the Economics and Management of Education and Training Systems” (CEMETS).

Leading House Directors Prof. Dr. Uschi Backes-Gellner and Prof. Dr. Stefan Wolter contributed the results of Leading House research on the Economics of Vocational Education and Training in Switzerland. Key topics of the lectures included the attractiveness of apprenticeship training for individuals, the link between vocational training and innovation, and cost-benefit analysis of appeniceship training from the firms' perspective.

These lectures were complemented by input from more than 10 key international stakeholders, including president of the Swiss Confederation of Employers Association Valentin Vogt, CEO of Swissmem Vocational Education and Training Arthur W. Glättli and U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland Suzi LeVine.

This 360-degree picture of the Swiss VET system aims to help policy leaders from all over the world in their efforts to implement educational reform projects in their countries. Those reform projects were also presented and workshopped at the Summer Institute, and will be case studies for future research projects.

Impressions CEMETS 2016
Impressions CEMETS 2016
Impressions from the Summer Institute Workshops.