Course Programme for Doctoral Students in Economics of Education

A major emphasis of the Swiss Leading House on the Economics of Education is the advancement of young researchers.

Young economists are offered a wide range of study and research options as they work through the structured doctoral program in the economics of education. Reputed international researchers are systematically integrated into course offerings. Through required courses in microeconomics, business economics, econometrics and institutional settings, doctoral students are introduced to current theories, empirical methods and themes relevant to the economics of education. In required elective courses, students learn about latest theoretical or methodological developments from the world’s experts in the respective field (for examples see list of previous courses below).

Randomized Experiments in Economics of Education with Prof. Dr. Eric Bettinger (Stanford University) in Zurich.

Doctoral students are also familiarized from the outset with current research projects in the field. This research is carried out within the framework of thematically specialized seminars or literature colloquia in which students discuss seminal and most recent publications with experts in the field of economics of education. Beyond that, students are expected to participate intensively in current research discussions. This is ensured by a regular research colloquium in which guest speakers - but also students or their tutors - present and discuss current research. To improve the networking effect, a number of courses are offered as off-site courses, giving students the possibility to discuss their work with internationally renowned scholars in a more leisurely atmosphere like for example a skiing trip.

The new Course Programme of the “Swiss Leading House of Economics of Education, Firm Behaviour and Training Policies” will start in the Fall term 2017. More information about the application can be found here

The former course programmes started in winter term 2006/2007, fall term 2009, fall term 2013, and fall term 2015 and consited of four core courses and a variety of electives. For detailed information about the previous courses please visit the course archive and for a preview of the upcoming core courses please visit the current schedule.

General Structure of the Programme:

Core Courses

1. Semester      Fall term Microeconomic Foundations of Economics of Education (3 ECTS)
    Econometric Analyzes in Economics of Education (3 ECTS) 
2. Semester   Spring term Personnel Economics for Education Economists (3 ECTS) 
    Vocational Training: Institutions and Markets (3 ECTS)  



1st to 3rd year varying elective courses on:
  -Personnel and Education Economics
  -Education Institutions
  -Writing and Publishing 
  -Data analyses and Econometrcis
3rd year Research Conference


Bild Kurs
Bild Kurs
"Personnel and Labor Economics for Education Economists" with Prof. Tor Eriksson (Aarhus University) and Niels Westergaard-Nielsen (Copenhagen Business School) in Zurich


Bild Muehlemann
Bild Muehlemann
"Apprenticeship Training: Institutions and Markets" with Prof. Samuel Mühlemann (LMU Munich), Prof. Paul Ryan (King's College London) and Dr. Ursula Renold (ETH Zurich) in Zurich


Participants Randmized Experiments Course
Participants Randmized Experiments Course
Randomized Experiments in Economics of Education with Prof. Dr. Eric Bettinger (Stanford University) in Zurich