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Swiss Leading House VPET-ECON

Keynote Speech at „The Economics of VET“ Conference in Bonn

BIBB Keynote Speakers
Keynote Speakers (f.l.t.r): Dr. Reinhold Weiß, Dr. Uschi Backes-Gellner, Dr. Jürg Schweri & Dr. Andries de Grip

For the opening of the “Economics of VET” Conference in Bonn, Prof. Uschi Backes-Gellner gave a Keynote Speech summarizing the history and current state of research in the field of vocational education. The conference was organized by the German BIBB (Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training), and brought together researchers from all of Europe. Among the 27 speakers were also four members of the “Leading House of Economics of Education of the Universities of Zurich and Bern”: Dr. Christian Rupietta (with results on vocational education and innovation), Curdin Pfister (with results concerning the variance of academically and vocationally trained workers), Miriam Rinawi (with results concerning the wage structure of vocationally trained workers), and Christian Eggenberger (with results on the effect of VET on the labor market mobility of workers).

For more information please cilck here: "The Economics of VET Conference"