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Swiss Leading House VPET-ECON

Alumni-Networking-Event marks 10-year anniversary of the Swiss Leading House on Economics of Education, Firm Behaviour and Training Policies!

Alumni and current staff of the Leading House met in Lucerne on the 28th and 29th October 2016 for the first Alumni-Networking-Event. The occasion was the 10th anniversary of the Leading House, which we celebrate in 2016. The Alumni-Networking-Event started on Friday afternoon with a welcome session, followed by an opening-presentation with some historical facts on the development and the current state of the Leading House by Prof. Dr. Backes-Gellner. The rest of the afternoon all participants, alumni and current staff members alike, presented their current or most recent research projects and possible future endeavours.

Friday evening saw a special networking activity that combined a guided city tour of Lucerne, with a three-course walking dinner in three restaurants and some historical artistic performances.

Saturday morning was filled with more presentations and discussions of alumni and current staff. The event finished with a last social networking activity in the Museum of Transport, where participants either dived deep into facts and expositions of the NEAT-tunnel or into the history and adventures of one of the most innovative and adventurous Swiss families, the Piccards.

All in all, the Alumni event was a nice mix of valorisation of research results, meeting old and new acquaintances, and generating new ideas for future work and collaboration among practitioners and researchers.

Prof. Dr. Backes-Gellner, presenting facts on the historical development and the current state of the Leading House.
Dr. Johannes Mure, head of the SERI department unit “Education Management and Research” with a presentation on current affairs and developments in education research. Dr. Mure is one of the very first Leading House Alumni.
Prof. Dr. Petra Moog, Professor at the University of Siegen, presents her research about the problems due to a lack of apprentices in German family firms. Dr. Moog belongs to the very first Leading House Alumni.
After the fog cleared, we enjoyed a historical tour through Lucerne with some sun and a view on Mount Pilatus in the background.
As part of the historical walking tour the group enjoys the main course of the walking dinner in Lucerne’s oldest restaurant – 500-year-old Wilder Mann.
During the walking tour, we were presented with special facts and anecdotes about Lucerne, including medieval artist displaying magical tricks and other performances.
For dessert, participants gathered at restaurant Balances. A changing seating order from restaurant to restaurant induced lively discussions and networking among participants of all cohorts and between research and practice.