Swiss professionals swept 6 medals at EuroSkills 2016 in Gothenburg

EuroSkills is a competition for young Europeans to demonstrate their skills in various fields (e.g. manufacturing, engineering, creative arts…). The participants compete for the European Champion title in vocational skills in their respective profession. The delegations as a whole are contending for the title on the national level.

The Swiss delegation consisting of nine young professionals gathered a total of two gold, two silver and two bronze medals. Additionally, the Swiss team secured three diplomas of excellence. This result led the team to win the national title for Switzerland followed by Austria and Germany.

For more information of the Swiss medals have a look here: Link

An interesting aspect of the competition is that the three top performing countries (CH, AT, DE) all have a long-standing institutionalized dual education system in place. In the past, dual education systems have been questioned in their effectiveness and their raison d’être. It is results like this that show and underline that the Swiss educational system is an integral and important part of our education sector.