Three Questions to Leading House Alumnus Prof. Dr. Stephan Nüesch


  1. What was your dissertation subject?

In my dissertation, I analyzed the determinants of superstar and celebrity emergence in both sports and the media. During the last decades, technological improvements and globalization have enlarged the scope and the intensity of winner-takes-all markets in which a few talented superstars earn enormous amounts of money. While superstar status is generally based on the provision of high quality services, recent information technology and mass media have allowed a new type of stars to emerge: trivial celebrities who are just known for being well-known.


  1. If you would choose only one piece of advice to give to students and/or doctoral students, who have their first day at university, what would you tell them?

In the beginning, it takes a long time to find the right topic and a suitable econometric approach. Do not be discouraged if you have not finished your first paper within a year. Seek the advice of your supervisor and other experienced researchers. They can sharpen your understanding of research topics that are both relevant and promising.


  1. To what extent can you use skills and knowledge that you acquired during your doctorate at your current job?

Important skills that I acquired during my doctorate and that I use in my position as professor are skills and knowledge in scientific writing, paper positioning, data setup and econometric methods. I also benefit from first experiences as a post-doc in tutoring and advising younger researchers.