Three Questions to LH Alumna Dr. Silvia Teuber

  1. If you could choose only one piece of advice to give to students and/or doctoral students, who have their first day at university, what would you tell them?

Studying at the University of Zurich or any other re-known university is a huge privilege as you meet experts in each research area offering you deep insights in a broad range of topics. Such an inspiring environment is seldom and precious - so enjoy and appreciate the time, stay curious and get involved in the community.


  1. To what extent can you use skills and knowledge that you acquired during your doctorate at your current job? 

Of course, I can use some models and theoretical knowledge in my current job. However, what helps me most is the way of approaching new topics. The analytical way of working learned during your doctorate is helpful to quickly acquire new knowledge and to prepare presentations in a structured way, thus you are ready to discuss with employees, managers, works councils or board members.


  1. What was the most memorable experience you have had during your doctorate?

It is hard to say which experience was most memorable but I enjoyed most the trips together with the chair to different research conferences all over the globe.