Three Questions to LH Alumnus Maximilian Wolf, Professor for Corporate Management and Human Resources at the University of Applied Sciences Albstadt-Sigmaringen

  1. What was your dissertation subject?

Employee retention in crafts firms (original title: Fachkräftesicherung in Handwerksbetrieben – Empirische Analyse der Entscheidung junger Fachkräfte für Handwerk oder Industrie)


  1. What is the main conclusion of your research for practice and/or for future research?

My dissertation subjects focused on the decision factors of crafts apprentices to stay in the crafts sector after the end of their apprenticeship.

My analysis shows that career opportunities, the relationship with the supervisor and the relationship with the colleagues are the main drivers. Moreover, monetary incentives are not relevant for their decision according to my data. Consequently, crafts enterprises may strengthen their working atmosphere, provide opportunities for personal and professional development rather than competing with other industries in terms of salary.


  1. What was the most memorable experience you have had during your doctorate?

The course with the Swiss Leading House in Davos with Prof. Ed Lazear from Stanford.