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Swiss Leading House VPET-ECON

The Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the provision of apprenticeship in Switzerland

According to the first long-term forecast for the apprenticeship market by the Leading House for the Economics of Education, the COVID-19 crisis is expected to have significant consequences. Depending on the scenario, the apprenticeship market will lose cumulatively between 20-35% of the new apprenticeships allocated in a given year over the period 2020-2025. Depending on the economic scenario, the effects may be felt up to the year 2025. Only if it were possible to stabilise unemployment next year can we expect to see compensation for the downturn after 2023. In view of the historically deep recession, and despite the gloomy outlook, it can be expected that the apprenticeship system will prove to be quite robust overall.

Leading House Short Note in English

Leading House Kurzbeitrag in Deutsch